Exhibition: The marble ship - Project 5

The fifth project has been proposed by the architects Antonello Sotgia and Rossella Marchini.
Find herebelow a short abstract from the author's report of the project; the complete original text (in Italian language) in PDF format can be read clicking on the side picture.
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Project description
The project moves, through the redrawing of the Tiber island, toward a more general thought on the intervention on the ancient. Around the idea of a "historical time", starting from it, organizes, designing them, some pre-existences to be completed. ...
The "curiosity" of the experimenter is preferred to the philologistic precision of the archaeologist. ...
The replica of the building of the present Israelitish home and of the "Pulzella's tower as a "survey" activity of an old position. ... The redesign and reconstruction of parts of columns, ... Their different use, ...
The bridge completed
[finito] as one of the routes not hierarchically defined [definito] ...
The underground room containing the stone model of the Tiber flowing in its territory, ...
The floating house in the flowing and counter to the flowing, ....
The use of wood as a material always present in the constructions, but also, proper to the provisional elements of the big yard of architecture ...

1. Elevation and section of one new pier

General plan

Project sketch, one mill

4. The bridge, detail of elevation and section
5. Se
ction and plan of the "grotto"

6. The bridges and general elevation

From: AAVV "La nave di Pietra" - catalogue of exhibition at Rome Oct.22th-Nov.27th 1983; Electa - 1983
Text and pictures Gruppo Editoriale Electa - Milan

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