Exhibition: The marble ship - Project 4

The fourth project has been proposed by the architect Pierluigi Nicolin, with the contribution of Giuseppe Raboni and Nobuko Imai.
Find herebelow a short abstract from the author's report of the project; the complete original text (in Italian language) in PDF format can be read clicking on the side picture.
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Project description The banks surrounding the Tiber island might become the panoramic viewpoint of an exceptional pedestrian island if they would be appropriately transformed. ...
The strong image that is going to be superimposed is that of a fish that carry in its belly the "Marble ship", the built part of the original island ... obtained ... modifying the shape of the banks...
... in the prow side (head), it is located a fountain while at the stern (tail) a circular gradin is obtained, digging ... up to ... the normal water level of the river...
This is easily accessible by means of a new ramp that starts just from St. Bartholomew square near the Cestio bridge. ...
Considering the seasonal variations of the river water level, during the year the following three situations can happen.
In the first the bank is completely out of the water.... In the second the cavea of the theatre is full of water, the clear water of a pool overflowing into the Tiber muddy ones... In the third, when the river will flood, the Tiber waters will submerge the whole system...

1. Study for the Tiber island

2. Plan of the new banks of the Tiber island

3. Plan and elevation of the "head" of the new banks (the garden and the fountain) 

4. Plan and elevation of the "tail" of the new banks (the theatre and the pool) 

From: AAVV "La nave di Pietra" - catalogue of exhibition at Rome Oct.22th-Nov.27th 1983; Electa - 1983
Text and pictures Gruppo Editoriale Electa - Milan

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