St Bartholomew - Introduction

The basilica in the middle of XVIII century in an engrave of G.Vasi The basilica of St. Bartholomew at the Island is more than one thousand years old and is one of the most ancient presences of the Tiber island; it is located in the South-East side of the island on the site of the ancient temple of Aesculapius.

The extent of the matter led to split up this monograph into 6 different sections accessible from the menu under the title bar.
The history: from the end of X century up to nowadays through more than one thousand years the history of the basilica interlaces the island one between restorations and floodings.
Square and fašade: the architectonic evolution of the basilica and the faced square The basilica as it is nowadays after the 2000 Jubilee restorationsthat acts as a proscenium
The inside: works of art, relics, ancient remains and the crypt characterize the internal part of the basilica
In detail: some characteristic elements, as the well-curb, the cannon ball and the Millers chapel, deserve a particular description
Personalities: Otto III, St. Adalbert and, of course,  St. Bartholomew are the three fundamental figures to whom is strictly connected the origin and the history of the basilica
2000 Restoration: section still in progress that describes the last restorations carried out within the program of works for the 2000 Jubilee

References in Rome: Square St Bartolomeo all'Isola 22 - 00186 Rome. Not parish church.
Sector Centro - Prefecture II - 1st District. Entrusted to Father Erasmo di Fonzo. 
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