La processione dei Sacconi Rossi

Every year, on November 2nd, the Brotherhood of the "Devoti di Gesù Crocifisso al Calvario e di SS. Maria Addolorata" [Devouts of Jesus crucifix at Calvario and of Our Lady of Sorrows], so called of "Sacconi Rossi" [Big Red Sacks], celebrates the commemoration of deceased people with a procession on the Tiber Island banks.

1. Poster announcing the Commemoration of the deceased people 

2. End of the Holy Mass celebrated in the S.Giovanni Calibita church

3. Exit from the S.Giovanni Calibita church and procession start

4.  The processione flows down to the island banks

5. The procession proceeds toward Garibaldi bridge

6. Blessing and throw into the Tiber of the wreath in honour of all men deceased in the river

7. Procession return

8. Procession detail

9. Faithfuls in procession

10. Procession detail: a faithful dressed with the characteristic "big red sack"

11. Return to the Brotherhood  headquarters

12. Blessing and end of the ceremony


All the pictures have been taken on Novembre 2nd 2003