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checked on February 2nd 2013

History and Art in the coats of arms of the Popes
One more original website maintained by Roberto Piperno relevant to to Rome viewed through Pope's vestments and arms.
Including a rich section relevant to engravings of Giuseppe Vasi

Ettore Roesler Franz
Official website of E.R.Franz, famous watercolour painter author of the 120 watercolours series known as Roma Sparita [Vanished Rome].

Vedute di Roma
Finnish website showing many Rome pictures, including old engravings, paints and several photos taken by the author himself during his three journeys to Rome
In this extremely rich website, managed and developed at his own care and with great passion by Alessandro Cremona, are included innumerable news and information about Rome; among them those ones relevant to Districts and Streets, Personalities and Families, a detailed Chronology of the city history, Essays and cultural Events in Rome daily updated. The use of Flash in pages developing makes agreeable to surf the website.

Isola Tiberina un museo all'aperto per tutti  
"Progetto per l'accessibilità dell'Isola Tiberina" [Design for the accessibility of Tiber Island] winner of the 10th edition of the Training Course "Progettare per tutti" [Design for everybody] A.A 2001/2002, by architects Valentina Piscitelli and Lucilla Ventura.


Grand website on Roman antiquities, including a photographic notebook of Roman and Etruscan cities and monuments, a website for introducing to Latin inscriptions reading, the integral Latin texts of  Storia Naturale by Plinius the Elder, the Alexander Magnus Histories by Quinto Curzio, the Saturnalia by Macrobio, de Die Natali by Censorino; the Aqueducts by Frontino and the  Architecture by Vitruvio in Latin, English and French; the Strategemata by Frontino in Latin and English; Pagan and Christian Rome by Rodolfo Lanciani (who wrote it in English); the Christian Hülsen book on the Roman Forum (in Italian); the famous books by Codrington on Roman roads in  Britannia and Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria by George Dennis; most part of the Geografia by Tolomeus including maps and several Roman empire maps.
LacusCurtius is also the storage place of Roman Sites archives, an incredible attempt to  catalogue and  index all the websites relevant to Roman antiquities. 

Roma Sotterranea
An unusual trip across the underground of Rome. 
The association Roma Sotterranea [Underground Rome], that organizes activities of esploration, study and research collaborating with archaeologists and experts in the field, bring us across the underground town.

Rome in the footsteps of a 1750 traveller
In this great website Roberto Piperno shows the visit of Rome, including 390 points of interest, through the 8 itineraries indicated in the Giuseppe Vasi guide. The images  from the 10 engravings books published by Vasi himself between 1747 and 1761 are integrated with maps and present pictures.

Stanford Digital Forma Urbis Romae Project 
This site is dedicated to exploring the "Forma Urbis Romae", or Severan Marble Plan of Rome, a crucial resource for studying the ancient city of Rome. It includes, for each of the 1,186 surviving fragments, digital colour photographs, 3D models, description and analysis.

Water of Rome
Grand project on Rome waters in all their aspects and in every age; the project, at present in progress, is directed by Katherine Rinne who consider waters the main interest of her life.
Website rich of references and of precious bibliography.

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