In the island with Google

Thanks to Google© it is possible to see the map of the island and of the surrounding areas.
The four arrows on the top-left permit to move the map in the four directions while the middle button centre again the map on the island. The device at the left permit the in/out zoom of the view. For quick movements in the surrounding areas it can be used the shadowed rectangle in the small map on the bottom-right (it can be hided using the small arrow in the corner). On the bottom-left a scale graduated in feet and meters helps to evaluate the distances.
Finally, the three buttons on the top permit to see, respectively, the Map, the photo image from the Satellite and an Hybrid image which includes, on the satellite photo basis, other information relevant to places and streets.

If the software Google Earth GoogleEarth©  is installed on own computer, clicking this link it is possible to launch the program and to go directly to the Tiber island.
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